Developing business applications based on FileMaker Pro platform

This is what TriAPrint do. We have developed dozens of applications of varying complexity for different businesses. Our clients are consulting firms, retailers, printing shops, furniture and computer traders, architects, real estate agents, lighting equipment manufacturers, bakeries, etc. You are welcome to join the club!

We have vast experience of using FileMaker platform that has a proven track record as a platform of choice for developing SME business applications. Over the years, a lot of development solutions, routines, modules, and development standards have been worked out. We always keep scalability in mind – if your system requires new functions in the future, we can always help you out.

We operate from Moscow, but our clients can be anywhere from Australia to USA. Modern communications make remote work an easy option.

TriAPrint key advantage is our professional approach. Tapping from our track record of business process management at various facilities, we are ready to assist you in enhancing your business efficiency.

Scope of application

FileMaker is a universal platform, so it allows us to develop programs for a large number of diverse tasks. We list the main tasks that are constantly being solved:

  • Collecting and storing customer information and history

  • Calculating the order cost and formating of commercial offers

  • Order accounting, production line

  • Working with source documentaton: invoices, way bills, packing lists, Work Completion Certificates

  • Warehouse accounting: procurement of goods and materials, shipments

  • Management and financial accounting: maintaining a base of payments (income and expenses), controlling payments, generating various reports

  • Base of employees / users of the application, access control

  • Setting tasks for employees, performance monitoring

  • Customer, employee notifications

  • Reporting (on orders, tasks, customers, employees, financial status, etc.)

And the list is far from complete.